Central Ohio Senior Portrait Photographers at Mohican State Park + Loudonville, Ohio

Brian and I had a tremendous time with Kylie on her senior portrait shoot! It is hard to believe that she is graduating this year (and I am sure that mom feels the same way!). We had the great opportunity of spending time with Kylie and Shayla in Mohican State Park. We have been business friends with her family for years (they feel more like family though), so it was fantastic doing a super personalized and epic shoot with Kylie!

Our day started off with a hike to a waterfall in Mohican. The trail was pleasant and we chatted about school, careers and what the future might hold. Kylie is planning to go to college for Management and Hospitality. We think that she will do terrific!

The photo session began at some cool rocks and a waterfall. Kylie was enthusiastic about being creative with her photos and being adventurous for the day. Her smile came sweetly and naturally.

After spending some time in nature, we opted for some downtown Loudonville shots as well.

The day ended Kylie wading into the Mohican River. It is awesome to see the kinds of images we can take when people are willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something exciting. Kylie had a blast splashing in the river and the pictures were well worth the extra effort.

Kyle - we are wishing you the very best this year as you finish high school! You will succeed in whatever you choose for the future!