Cleveland Wedding Photographers in Toledo, Ohio

Brittany and Patryk had a stellar wedding day! This fabulous couple got married at Corpus Christi University Parish in Toledo, Ohio. The skies were sunny and the weather was very comfortable.

Brittany and Patryk met playing softball for intramural sports in college. Brittany wanted to play on Patryk’s volleyball team, but he decided he didn’t need her for the volleyball team and asked if she played softball instead. By the second game, they couldn’t stop talking to each other! They have been with each other for almost six years.

Brian and I arrived at the parish for getting ready photos. Brittany and all of her girls were relaxed and having a great time as they did hair and make-up. Brittany had planned the day down to the last wooden flower petal and everything looked great. Particularly beautiful were the bouquets that Brittany hand-crafted from wood flowers and paper flowers that she had created.

After the ceremony, we got to explore some of the architecture at the University of Toledo for the portraits. The courtyards and stone buildings made for great backdrops.

Brittany works for NASA, so the reception showcased her personality with dinner under the stars. The table names were constellations, stars hung from the hall’s ceiling, and the cake was a beautiful display of planets (Pluto included). There was even a satellite suspended above the cakes.

It was a beautiful wedding day! Brittany and Patryk, we wish you the best in the years to come!

Photographers: Brian + Joelle Hunsaker Photography - Cleveland, Ohio
Salon: Salvatore Capelli - Perrysburg, Ohio
Wedding: Corpus Christi University Parish - Toledo, Ohio
Photography Location: University of Toledo
Reception: St. George Banquet Hall - Rossford, Ohio
Videography: Daniel Earl - Youngstown, Ohio
DJ: Book that DJ - Perrysburg, Ohio
Entertainment - Game Show Blitz - Bowling Green, Ohio