Tao + Mike's Downtown Cleveland and Orchard Hills Center at Patterson's Fruit Farm Wedding | Wedding Photographers in Cleveland Ohio


Wedding Photographers in Cleveland, Ohio at the Westin and Orchard Hills at Patterson’s Fruit Farm Wedding

Saturday was and amazing multicultural downtown Cleveland and Patterson’s Fruit Farm wedding! We had a blast photographing Tao and Mike on their special day together.

Tao and Mike have the globe trekkers story! This couple met when Tao was traveling in Tokyo where Mike was living. They met through an online travel website and Mike guided Tao throughout the city of Tokyo during her stay. Tao returned to Tokyo a few months later and they began officially dating at the end of that trip. They then had a long-distance relationship for the next several years with Mike in Tokyo and Tao in China, Mike in Tokyo and Tao in New Zealand, Mike in California and Tao in China, until Tao was finally able to immigrate to the United States. Until Tao’s immigration, they never spent more than three months together in the same city! Now they are happily married and get to spend the rest of their lives together!

The day began at The Westin in downtown Cleveland. Mike was getting ready with some of his buddies and Tao was getting ready with some of her family from China. Everyone was ready to get the day started.

Mike and Tao shared an intimate first look, seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. Tao simply sparkled in her dress with clean lines and beautiful lace.

Then the couple got to spend time with their most important part of their wedding day - the friends and family who had traveled from literally all over the world to see them! It was great to see such a gathering of important people from Mike and Tao’s life.

Formal pictures took place around the Westin in downtown Cleveland, taking advantage of Cleveland’s skyline and architecture.

After formal portraits, the couple and their friends headed to Orchard Hills at Patterson’s Fruit Farm to unite their lives together and celebrate with friends and family. They had a simple ceremony under a canopy of trees and enjoyed barbecue, complete with a roasted pig. People enjoyed the pleasant summer evening at Patterson’s and great conversations with each other.

Mike and Tao, we wish you much happiness in your lives together.