Should I Do a Tech Free Wedding?


Major Advantages For Having A Tech Free Wedding

There are so many advantages to having a tech free wedding! A tech free wedding benefits the bride and groom, friends and family, and the photographers.

a tech free wedding is amazing for the bride and groom

You have invested in a photographer and want amazing photos for your wedding day! So many times, we have seen people take out a phone or a tablet and stick it in front of the bride while she is walking down the aisle! This has the potential to ruin an incredible moment capture!

You trust your photographers! Trust them to get those amazing photos of your wedding day. It would be heartbreaking for someone to ruin your photo because they jumped in the way at the wrong time!

tech free weddings let friends and family experience the wedding with you!

There are so few time in life where a group of people can experience such an important moment together. Your wedding is a big deal! It is so much more meaningful when everyone is actually involved in the moment instead of viewing the moment through a screen. Tech distances guests from what is actually happening instead of bringing them together.

We want you to be able to fully experience your wedding with your loved ones. Trust your photographers to get the photographs and then share those images after the wedding!

tech free weddings keep photographers from awkward family situations

It is hard to believe it, but we have had so many people try to step in front of us while the bride is walking down the aisle! We don’t want to make the situation awkward by telling your family what they shouldn’t be doing!

the best way to have a tech free wedding

A tech free wedding is going to give you a relaxed wedding! Here are two simple tips for giving yourself that relaxing experience:

  1. Make or buy a sign requesting that guests keep devices turned off and put away.

  2. Have the officiant make an announcement at the beginning of the ceremony: “The bride and groom really wants you to experience these moments with them. Please keep all devices turned off and put away.”

Some people just need a little extra reminder!

To answer the question… YES, you should!!!