Julie + Dave // Chesterland, Ohio Wedding at Patterson's Fruit Farm

The first time I met Julie and Dave, I knew we made a great connection. I had the suspicion that we would become friends through the process of their engagement and wedding photography. After their engagement session in October, we all confirmed that suspicion. It's awesome (and quite common) that this happens. I also knew this was going to be a fun and special wedding!

So for a winter February wedding in Cleveland, Ohio, everyone was expecting snow. It was a beautiful 40 degree sunny day with some decorative snow. It was... perfect!

It is simply the best when the bride and groom get ready in the homes they grew up in. There is a familiar connection and comfort that fills the air. I see it, I feel it, and I know a little more about the story of this couple that is about to get married. When I arrived at Julie's parents' home in Garfield Heights, it was buzzing with energy and excitement. It was filled with laughter, go-go-go, and anticipation. Julie glowed with that special bride's wedding day beauty. Things slowed a bit as Julie and her mother put on the dress. When she was perfect, her father stepped in... I will let the images below describe the emotions and tears that followed.

As the moment approached, sunlight streamed through the gorgeous stained glass windows at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio. The ordinances and the family traditions were alive. My favorite past was when the father of the bride placed her hand into the Dave's. This blessing is without words.

Patterson's Fruit Farm in Chesterland, Ohio is one of my favorite wedding and receptions sites. You cannot beat the reception hall built overlooking Lake Erie and upon the outcropping of the Sharon Conglomerate Sandstone found throughout Northeast Ohio. There service is also fantastic (call and ask for Betty or Livia)!

I could not ask for a better bridal party to work with. It is also really cool when it is all their siblings. Come on, we even had an epic snowball fight (and yes, they hit me too!).

Julie and Dave: I am so glad to have had the honor to photograph your wedding and to call you friends. Joelle and I are still looking forward for you to come over for a cookout this summer!

Church: Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church // Cleveland, Ohio

Reception: Patterson Fruit Farm - Orchard Hills // Chesterland, Ohio // www.pattersonfarm.com

DJ: Cleveland Music Group

Cake: Kathy's Cakes