Erin + Derrick | Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Photography at Hillcrest Orchards Near Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Wedding Photographers at Hillcrest Orchards in Amherst Ohio

Erin and Derrick married each other at the beautiful Hillcrest Orchards in Amherst Ohio. It was a spectacularly sunny day to match the spirits of this outdoorsy couple. 

Erin and Derrick met while they were both attending live music at a local bar. According to Derrick, they locked on eyes on one another and the energy of the universe pulled them together. Erin approached Derrick and they started talking. Instantly, they knew they were kindred spirits. Derrick walked her to her bike at the end of the night and they made plans to pick peas at her farm the next day. They have been by each others side ever since.

Nature has been a central point to Erin and Derrick, both individually and as a couple. This was clearly felt on their wedding day. After the excitement of getting ready, they declared their vows to each other amidst sun rays streaking through a pine grove. Following the ceremony, the couple paraded with their guests, with everyone waving homemade flags, to the reception hall. There was lots of laughter amidst the hugs and celebration.

To kick off the party, Erin and Derrick released a butterfly. Speeches and toasts were heartfelt and the peach themed meal - from peaches in the salads to a peach chutney - perfectly fit the August evening. Friends and family alike had a terrific time celebrating the union of a couple clearly meant to be together. 

Erin and Derrick - we wish you the best in your life together. 

Wedding Photographers: Brian + Joelle Hunsaker Photography - Northeast Ohio
Ceremony, Reception, and Catering: Hillcrest Orchards - Amherst, Ohio
DJ: Rachel Hunt
Dress: The Perfect Bride - Rocky River, Ohio
Florist: Berry's Blooms - Medina, Ohio
Cake: Blue Rooster Bakehouse - Oberlin, Ohio