Get to Know Your Cleveland Wedding Photographers | Joelle Hunsaker

Hi! I am so excited to get to know you - both through the blog and through doing a photoshoot with you someday! Here is a little bio about me until then...

Adventure could be my middle name. I attempt to find the epic in life, whether it is through rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, backpacking, or going on a photoventure. You can tell a lot about a person based off of what they loved to do when they were little. As soon as I could walk (maybe even before) I loved to climb to the top of anything and everything. My parents quickly learned to look up when they were trying to find me! This spilled over into my outdoor adventures. Finding out that there was this thing called “rock climbing” set me on a love for adventure and the outdoors that will always be a part of who I am!

Not only am I passionate about adventure, but I am passionate about photography as well! (I know, go figure! A wedding photographer loves photography? Who’d have thought??) Photography and I were formally introduced to each other in a high school photography class. Mrs. Hunter, in Deer Lodge, MT - a town with only one stoplight - taught us everything there was to know about black-and-white film photography. It was fascinating to attempt to turn a colorful, three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional black-and-white image that captured a specific element of what was present and evoked a particular emotion or feeling. That is what I most love about shooting weddings - finding those small moments of emotion experienced at a wedding and capturing them to be remembered and re-experienced for decades to come.

Okay - confession time: part of me that I have a love-hate relationship with is my perfectionism. At times, I thrive in being the detail-oriented, always-have-a-plan, always-have-a-list, (and-usually-that-list-is-beautifully-typed-up-in-excel-and-color-coded), type of girl. I mean, who doesn’t love looking at her checklist at the end of the day and seeing everything crossed off? And checklists with weddings keeps events moving. But as of late, I have been working to not let perfectionism take over adventure and spontaneity. Brian helps a lot with this. He lets me find grace for myself and helps me to relax. While it is an everyday process to find the right balance, hopefully I am on the right track ;P!

The final piece of my personality you should know about is my love and support of solid, healthy relationships. The whirlwind of romance is exciting, but the constant support of a loving relationship over time is monumental in who people are. The wedding day is pivotal, but the course of life shared together each and every day after “I do” is where we find fulfillment, acceptance, love, and true partnership. I love seeing the right people for each other commit to each other and I love hearing the success stories of couples sticking with it. I believe in strong marriages that last a lifetime.

That’s life at the moment! Adventure, photography, relationships, living! It will be exciting when we meet face-to-face - or through the lens of my camera!