Engagement Photo Shoots From the Photographers' Perspective

The more we know about you, the better pictures we can take of you! Brian and I absolutely love engagement sessions with our couples. One of the main reasons that we are wedding photographers is because we love getting to know awesome, fun, interesting people! An engagement session lets us spend a couple of hours with our bride a groom with the exciting hubbub of the wedding day. And, we get some extraordinary photos as a result!

Engagement Sessions Let Us See Your Personalities

As Cleveland wedding photographers, we have seen it all! Anywhere from the gregarious, boisterous "Tigger-like" couples, to the proudly-nerdy board gamers, to the adventurous Great Outdoors Gurus, to the couples calmly and quietly cruising through life, we have worked with all kinds of personalities. That's what makes this job so fun! Capturing who people really are is one of the exciting nuances of wedding photography.

Have you ever seen a photograph of yourself and said, "That doesn't look like me at all!"? Photographers use engagement sessions to see a more complex version of a couple's personality so that we can capture it just right. The better we can learn your story, the better we can tell your story.

Engagement Sessions Let Us Showcase You At Your Best

Not only do we want to capture your personality, we want you to look your absolute best! Our role as photographers is to find the best angles, the best light, the best poses, and the best positions to make you look stunning! When we take the time to study a couple through an engagement session, we can walk into the wedding day with a plan for creating the best images.

Engagement Sessions Give Us Buy-In with the Bridal Party

Brian and I have noticed something funny over the years. While we may have developed trust with a couple, that doesn't always translate immediately to the bridal party. However, if the bridesmaids and groomsmen have already seen pictures from the engagement shoot, they trust us much more quickly and are faster to work with us during the wedding day.

Is an engagement session essential? No, but the benefits for the couple and the quality bump in images makes it well worth it! Plus, you need something for those Save the Dates :)

Comment Below! If you could have an engagement shoot anywhere in the Cleveland area, where would you go?