Adventure Wedding Photographers at Cuyahoga Valley National Park for an Engagement

We had a wonderful engagement photoshoot with Erin and Derrick! This adventurous couple is fully in their element when they are outdoors. One of my absolute favorite parts of wedding photography is getting to know some really awesome people, and Erin and Derrick are no exception. It was great to do their engagement photography on some of the trails at the Ledges in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

One word that I would use to describe this couple is purposeful. They have goals they want to accomplish, but they do not come across as frenzied about the day to day. They take it one step at a time, together. Hanging out with them for the evening was very relaxed and chill, with conversation only being interrupted by beautiful photo opportunities.

Erin and I spent a lot of time talking about her completing grad school (congratulations! That is such a big accomplishment!!), previously working with organic sustainable farm CSAs, and about what is coming up in the future. Plus, we connected over the general love of the outdoors and making the most of trail, backpacking, or camping time. She is currently going to be working in architectural landscaping which sounds like a great convergence of her talents and passions.

With Derrick, we got an extraordinary botany lesson, ranging from examining the pink in the flowers on buckeye trees to the trillium that is popping up. My favorite moment was when Erin and Derrick saw the carpet of bluebells!

All told, it was a lovely evening with an exceptional couple! We can’t wait to see you guys for your wedding!