Akron Wedding Photographers at Greystone Hall and Akron Art Museum

Photographing Lauren and Owen’s wedding in at Greystone in Akron, Ohio was an incredible experience. Weddings are especially wonderful when the couple entirely tailors the day to their personality. From the reading at the ceremony to the game pieces in golden eggs at each place setting to the hand-drawn comics guest book, this wedding pervasively screamed Lauren and Owen.

Lauren and Owen met at jazz venue and there was a lot of initial chemistry. Even though they were skeptical that they were really both early education teachers and shared so many common interests, they exchanged numbers by the end of the evening. A couple of days later, they were set up on a blind date, with the person who set them up not knowing that they had previously met each other! The romance unfolded from there.

On their wedding day, the bridal party was a relaxed, happy group. Throughout the day, Owen was always gazing lovingly at his bride. We had a great time taking the party to downtown Akron and shooting under the Don Drumm sculpture in the public library and at the Akron Art Museum across the street. The lighting on the stairwell at Greystone was fantastic.

After at sweet and simple ceremony, the guests partied in the reception hall. There was a lot of energy and some exemplary dancing throughout the night. What a wonderful way to start a life together.

Here are best wishes to the better together Mr. Owen Gannon and Ms. Lauren Monaco!

Their story, "It was a dark and stormy night... (actually it was just cold and dark). Barbes is a little jazz club in Brooklyn. There, music is live and constant. It's a small space with a Parisian vibe and perpetual international jazz. It was here where our heroes met one cold Saturday in January 2012.

The tiny venue was very crowded, leaving little room to stand without soon stepping on someone's shoes. (Someone's expensive, artisinal, made-in-Brooklyn shoes). Bombay Rickey was on the stage making music magic. Owen was standing toward the stage. Lauren had a less fortunate position near the public bathroom (it was really crowded). Eventually, Owen used the aforementioned facilities and Lauren held the door for him. Our heroes began talking, both of them more than a little skeptical that the other was also a teacher, comic book lover, game player, artist, and avid-reader of the same favorite books. Numbers were exchanged and our heroes went their separate ways.

What our heroes did not know, was exactly how much they had in common.
Days later, Owen's friends Ben and Courtney were going to play a show at the Rockwood Music Hall. Courtney had even sent him a text asking if he was planning to come. Meanwhile, Lauren's friend Courtney approached Lauren and asked, "You're coming to the show tonight, right? There's this guy I want to introduce you to." Gentle reader, I'm sure you know what happened next. Lauren and Owen's Courtneys' were, in fact, the same Courtney. They had a Courtney in common. While this would be an obvious trope in a work of fiction, let's remember that this is real life we're talking about here!"

Venue: Greystone Hall - www.greystonehall.org
Banquet Management: John S. Knight Center - www.johnsknightcenter.org
DJ: Beach Boyz - www.beachboyzentertainment.com
Akron Wedding Photographers: Brian and Joelle Hunsaker Photography
Wedding Florist - Pams' Posies - www.pamsposies.com
Cake: Colozza's Bakery - www.colozzasbakery.com
Hair + Makeup: Skullz Salon
Dress Shop: BHLDN

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