Meeting Through Adventure

Meeting Through Adventure - Our Story

Brian and I met through adventure and that has always been a central motif in our relationship.

I was living out in Colorado Springs. Brian was on a business trip in the Rocky Mountains. One day after work, I decided to go rock climbing with a local meetup group at Red Rock Canyon Open Space. As I was pulling out my climbing gear in the parking lot, this random stranger (AKA Brian) came up to me and asked if there was any climbing in the area. Now, I might have noticed that he was rather attractive at that point and I might have observed that there was no wedding ring on his left hand...just saying. Obviously, the next course of action was for me to invite him to climb with me and the group I was meeting up with.

Side note: historically, that was the point where I would usually mess up in potential relationships. I would be interested, but wouldn’t have the courage to let the other individual actually know that I was interested. However, this time, I was ready to embrace my adventure-mode in relationships not just in the outdoors.

I invited Brian to come climbing with the meetup group and we hit it off really quickly. Since I was in the mindset of embracing adventures as they come, we had dinner that night at a little Mexican place and spent the next several days going on hikes and short trips and generally getting to know each other. It quickly became apparent that we approached life with a similar style.

This was one of our photoventures in Glacier National Park on our honeymoon!

This was one of our photoventures in Glacier National Park on our honeymoon!

You see, at the core of who Brian and are is a longing to see what adventure lies around the next bend. As we view life through the lens of adventure, it is easier to rides the ups and downs, accepting them as part of the journey and not as deal breakers. It is also easier to enjoy the mundane components of life, because we have a grander story arc that we know we are a part of.

The wedding photography business in Cleveland has been just such an adventure. Brian has been running the business for a long time, but I just joined the team in the last couple of years. It is truly captivating to dream together about the possibilities of the business and make plans for what the future can hold. It is the exciting part about being on a team.

Whether it is through outdoor excursions, photography, or the wedding photography business, Brian and I love to look for the adventure in what we are doing. And we love working with couples who are also looking for the adventure in life.

Where do you find adventures in life?  Comment below!