Building Your Album

Let's get started! The following are the basic outlines to help us build you the perfect album showcasing your wedding day story. All albums are custom built for you but the following will help the process go much quicker. If you prefer for me to completely customize (or with some selected images of your choice) your album as I would for my own wedding album, just let me know.

Some things to keep in mind. With an album, we are highlighting the very best of your wedding day the tells the overarching narrative. In other words, we are capturing the essence of the day. If you are wondering what are the strongest images, go to your blog page. It will show the best ~50-200 photographs.

The 20, 30, and 40 page outlines will show you the rough content that can fit in an album. 

You can upgrade to a larger outline at a reduced cost or can order extra spreads (2 pages).

Additional spread ideas: family portraits, bridal party portraits, couple portraits, bride by herself and groom by himself, reception, night time, leaving reception.

The following outlines will walk you through the whole process: from choosing your photographs, to album covers colors, to adding extra details customizing your album.